In the Shadow of Men — History of Ornithology

BY: Bob Montgomerie, Queen’s University | 11 February 2019 In 1973, I was stranded for several days on a small island in Witless Bay off the southeast coast of Newfoundland. I had gone there several times already that summer, conducting seabird surveys for the Canadian Wildlife Service. Landing on Green Island was sometimes difficult and […]

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Every day, we wake up, prepare for the day, go to work, for those who are working, or spend the day doing whatever we may to pass time, for the unemployed.

We do whatever we can to make our lives better, more satisfying, more fulfilling. We try to make more money, gain more wealth, have a house by the beach, drive a fancy car, have a lovely family, e. t. c.

We then go back home, conclude the day and lay our heads to sleep, hoping to wake up again tomorrow and make it better than the previous day.

But what is really the true meaning and purpose of life?  What is beyond all these material things? Does life end after we acquire these things? Is there something greater than all these? Is life all about the material?

We have heard of people, stinking rich, how they are still working to get more of these material things. It seems like the human soul is insatiable, coz no matter how much we acquire, we still want more.

There is still a longing inside for something. And no amount of material things can quench our thirst. So, what can we do to gain satisfaction? This is where the spiritual aspect of life begins.

Only God through His Son Jesus Christ can quench the human soul completely.  God created man for a purpose. He has a plan for each and every one of us. But, one and all, we have somehow lost track of the Master’s plan. Sin came to the world when satan tricked Adam and Eve, and from that day, we became like a lost race.

Sin started ruling our mortal bodies, and we seemed to be a hopeless race, destined to death and hell. In our quest to satisfy our inner cravings, we lose our path.

We therefore needed a Savior to save us from this wretched body of sin and hell. That is why Our Father in heaven loved us so much that he gave us His only son  Jesus Christ came to save us from the body of sin and hell.

Jesus Christ was still in His throne in heaven, and still receiving worship, and He could still have chosen not to save us and still lose nothing and have no blame.

But He was filled with compassion and mercy, and He gave His life,  so we could be saved.
What a great love! ! ! Have you ever had a huge debt, and about to be auctioned, then someone decides to pay it in full, and not just that debt, all past, present and future debts? That is what my  Lord  Jesus did for me and you. He paid for all my sins, in full, with His life. He died so I could live.

I can write millions of books and still not fully explain enough how great my sweet Lord God loved and still loves me. This is amazingly awesome.

What do I do, except to give Him all the glory, and worship, adoration, to exalt and magnify His precious name. All I had to do was to confess with ny mouth that God has raised Him from the dead, and that He is Lord.

Am gonna shout His name from the rooftops, for no greater a name do I know except the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God.

This then becomes the true meaning of life, for it is centered around the perfect love  anchored on Christ the solid Rock.

Please be blessed abundantly as you  spread this far and wide. Let all tribal nations know that Jesus Christ is calling us unto repentance.



Many a time we keep on hearing people saying they gonna changing things, when we vote for them. The words change can be heard in all political rallies, where politicians promise a change.

They give us so much hope in change. We believe them to bring that change but when they are done with the electorate, nothing is done.
So, I wanna urge all Kenyans to vote for leaders, and not necessarily politicians. Leaders have a vision for the people, with regards to the every day life. Be critical thinkers in your analysis of the people you choose.

Let us not just recycle politicians. Some of them have been in power for far too long, with no track record whatsoever.

Be the change that you want. Voice your concerns, ask questions and be heard. Speak up against the evils in the land. 

Let us forgive each other, no  matter the wrong done. People have lost loved ones in wars amongst communities, like the PEV. Let us love one another, forget the past, and build a greater future for us, and our posterity. 


And lastly, let us shun negative ethnicity. Vote for positive-change agents. Rise up and be the change that you want. 

When is Kenya gonna change:

Kenya is a beautiful country with a beautiful people. The country is very much blessed of the Lord, with lots of natural resources(precious stones, oil, wildlife, etc). No place like Kenya I’d say.

We have very greatly and friendly communities with diverse cultures. How I love learning others cultures, ways of life and the warmth in the hearts of the people.

With the togetherness that we can nurture and grow, we can build a heaven on earth for us and our children. Kikuyu, Luo, Akamba, Maasai, Kalenjin, we can come together and live as one.

Problem is, we have a certain element of leaders who don’t want the country to come together and develop. Divide and rule is their tactic. They always have a way of creating divisions and conflict amongst us. They stereotype, labelling certain ethnic groups as incorrect, corrupt, even criminals for their own selfish individual interests.

I’d like to urge you to shun these blood-sucking vampires who are a major hindrance to development. Let us vote with the Kenyan spirit in our hearts.

Let us also vote in leaders who have a vision, a mission that is centered towards seeing a brighter day for one and all. Be critical in your choice of leaders. Don’t just elect the popular ones, because they will waste your next five years.

There are politicians who have been in power for long periods of time, but when you look at what they have done for the people who woke up at five am to give them the seat, you find none. They are just blood sucking vampires who will only help their own.

So, my fellow Kenyans, let us use our minds in the election day. Vote wisely for a leader who will bring positive change in the society. 

Last, let us come together in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and plead for God’s hand to be upon us, that no blood shall be shed in this election period.

Be blessed